Push it to the Limit w/ Sifu Ethan Hampton

A brilliant post by a student that attended one of my 'Push it to the Limit' Fight Classes at City Wing Tsun! It's important to note that most people do not bruise this much especially after they have been training for awhile but she was especially ferocious and definitely pushed it to the Limit! Enjoy


"*if you are not going to read down and just see my bruises, know I HAD THE BEST TIME EVER AND I LOVE MY BRUISES.  and if you do read down, you will understand why!* :) 


I know I probably shouldn't post my FIGHT CLASS bruises because if I had better skills in Wing Tsun I would not have gotten so many! I had a stomach ache about it for two days before.  I think guys don’t realize how many girls are taught NOT to hit, not to hurt.  It’s so implicit in our lives, to be pretty, sweet and loving or, if not, we are ugly and bitches.  If threatened, there’s some ingrained barrier inside (at least in me) that won’t let the natural instinct to protect oneself out. I would not consider myself a repressed person in any way, but hearing Angel Hei-Yi Tam whisper something like, “How great is it that we get to hit boys!?” I know she knows, girls don’t hit. So my answer is a resounding SO GREAT! And I love all my fight brothers. I don’t want to hit them on the one hand, and on the other hand, I DO! I need to! I want to know I can. 


For me, at least, the endurance part where Ethan Hampton makes you go on and on… you just have to keep facing guys who are better than you, who can squash you, is the best remedy for certain worries I have. Because, I am not afraid to die. I am not afraid to be hurt. I am afraid to die or be hurt— a victim.  If I am going to take some, then so are you.  That’s fair.  That’s equal.  And women are equal to men!  


FIGHT CLASS ROCKS!!! Thanks City Wing Tsun, Thanks Ethan, and thanks to all the people who showed up to class, you all were so awesome!"


The Push it to the Limit Fight Class is designed to develop control (of body, mind, intensity), endurance and fighters heart! If your skills were being molded from clay this is the class where you put them in the kiln to see if the hold water. It has been my privilege to see many students find their WT voice in this class and realize that THEY CAN FIGHT BACK!!!...or at least give it a hell of a shot!



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